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Puppy Pre-School

Welcoming a dog into your family can be one of the most rewarding decisions you will ever make, however as with every relationship there is some work to do early on to make sure everyone knows and respects the rules.

So often we hear people say that they had forgotten how much work a new puppy is- it is such a short part of a dog’s life compared to adulthood.

Don’t worry- we are here to help! Whether this is your first puppy or you are an experienced dog carer, everyone can gain some valuable advice from our puppy pre-school.

The Aim

  • To socialize with other puppies and people
  • Teach basic manners
  • Discuss general health care
  • Provide advice on further training
  • Reduce the fear of visiting the vet

What to Expect

Over a four week period, you and your puppy will attend classes in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

Each class will cover different aspects of raising a well behaved and healthy dog, as well as revising previous lessons learned.

Topics covered include basic manners (come, sit , stay), health care, diet and exercise, socialisation, general training techniques.

Want More Details?


Our puppy pre-school is run by our dedicated veterinary nursing staff

What to bring?

You, your family, your puppy and a current vaccination certificate


Adelaide Plains Veterinary Surgery
6 Gawler Road, Two Wells


Wednesday evenings – 6:30pm
Open to puppies from 6 weeks of age with a current vaccination certificate. Bookings are essential, so please contact the surgery to reserve your place today!

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