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Pre-anaesthetic blood screening and fluid therapy

If your pet is under going a general anaesthetic, we will recommend your pet has pre-anaesthetic blood screening completed. Whilst every care is always taken, you should be aware that there is always a small risk (less than 1 %)  associated with administering an anesthetic which we take very seriously.

On admission, our surgical nursing team will perform a physical examination to assess your pet’s health, however, not all potential health issues can be identified during an examination. Whilst modern techniques and state of the art monitoring are always undertaken at the Adelaide Plains Veterinary Surgery, we feel obligated to offer all the possible options for your pets added safety.

Performing pre-anesthetic blood screening involves taking a small blood sample from your pet from a vien in their leg or neck at the time of admission. This blood test assess kidney and liver function, both of which are important organs involved in processing the anaesthetic.

Our in house pathology allows us to obtain results within 15 minutes. This will assist our staff in deciding the most appropriate anesthetic to be administered to your pet, or any other pre-cautions that are required to safeguarded against complications.

In the majority of apparently healthy pets no abnormalities are found and this means we can proceed with confidence. It also gives valuable protection in your pets future health by providing a baseline level should any issues arise in the future.

The second recommendation we make to minimise complications is to place your pet on intravenous fluids for the duration of their procedure. Fluid therapy helps minimise the effect of the anaesthetic by maintaining adequate blood pressure and ensuring sifficent blood flow to the lover and kidneys. This results in your pet processing the anaesthetic more quickly and having a significantly better recovery.

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